iPads, iPods, iPhones, Laptops, Tablets, Television, etc…all different types of electronics. These days technology is growing so big you could say it is taking over the world. You can stay in touch with somebody through technology, by calling them or using social media. Even in third world countries, electronics and devices are trending at the moment. Unlike former generations, technology is becoming more and more advanced.

There are many pros and cons of using technology. Some of the good uses are for educational purposes. Many teachers say if it promotes learning, there’s no problem. These days, if you go to the newest built schools in Ontario, you’ll see that they’re spending quite some money on electronics and devices. Many people also use technology for inspirational blogs. Another reason technology helps you is because it is the best way to stay in touch with other people.

Many jobs also involve doing research and using technology. Recently, if you went to see your doctor, you’ll see that they’re using tablets to record your answers after they ask you questions about your health. They also print out your prescriptions using the tablet. Technology is doing a lot for our world.

Some bad uses of technology are that it can be a distraction to learning and doing what you had in mind. If you planned to read for 30 minutes, and you end up using your iPad for one hour instead and get nothing done, you’ll probably be unhappy with the progress you made.

Another big problem is cyberbullying, one of the most common types of bullying these days. There are also social networks like email and messaging where people can send you mean and inappropriate things. Keep in mind the good and bad uses and use technology wisely.

Technology is a great thing in our generation but can sometimes have a bad effect. Use technology wisely and for great purposes.