Zoos shouldn’t exist! That’s what many people think but have you ever wondered why? Well, let’s analyze. Many animals are kept in zoos, because people want to learn more about them, and they want to do many scientific experiments on them, but do we ever consider their feelings? Well, their feelings count too.

Imagine being trapped by an army of hunters, and thrown into a tight ugly cage, away from your family,and your natural habitat, until you die, and your species become extinct.

One of the main reasons animals are put into zoos are because it’s for our own uses, for our entertainment. Zoos are good for people to learn about them but really wouldn’t safaris be better? At a safari, we would be allowed to look at the animals while they were in their personal habitat. At a safari you can drive your own vehicles and see the animals. Mainly the animals you would see were giraffes, lions, elephants, zebras and antelopes. Safaris are also bigger than zoos and can keep more animals. You should go see for yourself!

Keeping animals in zoos takes away their freedom, to roam and spend time with others of their same kind. When we take away animals to the zoo, we only take some and not the whole pack so the animal is taken away from its family. Animals that are born in zoos don’t learn to hunt like their species in the wild.They are given food by the zoo keepers. They get no physical activities, except walking around their cage, a couple of times but they mostly sleep. Whereas in the wild, the animal would be hunting,and running around, and they would have a bigger space to enjoy life. Animals never get freedom and exercise.

The animals kept in zoos are mostly unhappy compared to wild animals. The animals are alone and has no one to communicate with. In the wild there are many animals of the same species, so most of the animals are happy. When animals are taken to the zoo, they are usually taken from foreign countries. It takes a lot of time for the animal to adjust to its new environment. New weather temperatures, and mainly new habitats.

In conclusion these lovely wild animals don’t deserve to be trapped up in these zoo cages, like they are in prison. They deserve to be free, and live the way they want. We harm them in many ways and we should really stop!