When I look at myself in the mirror, when I think about my personality, I see many things. I’m a human, of course, unlike Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head. All my parts, all my traits, come alive through inheritances. Here are the bits and pieces that make me who I am.

If you knew this, my whole family and I are related, either through personality or parts. Each and every single one of us has a different story but there are some things that are in our blood. Thanks to my mom’s sister, I love to work hard and I love science! My uncle’s urge to talk to his friends always puts me at risk in school. Since, my dad and mom are tall; I am always in the top row of my class picture at school. My mom’s love to read catches on with me. Even my sister’s great listening skills have come in handy. All of these characteristics are through my legacy.

I have been meaning to say that when the tree gets bigger, I hope that some of my qualities follow on. I have no clue where my craziness and technology love come from. Some qualities are hard to say about who they came from. Something I do want to pass on to my children is being passionate about things they love to do. I also want them to love science. I hope they don’t get my nosiness and the way I tend to dread some things in life.

Some of the qualities me, my sister, my mom and dad have are being tall. We also have straight, black, smooth hair although my mom has a little bit of brown highlights at the moment. We also all love to get things done as best as we can. For some reason, we are all Connect Four fans and love to dish out on a Saturday night and just relax. We also sometimes throw ourselves onto the couch and just watch a Tamil singing show.

It’s an amazing life…reflecting on who I am and how we all tie together. The passions we have are pretty at unique but at times we share the same loves. This is my DNA Analysis. What’s yours?