Since most of you reading this know that all my friends mainly have blogs, you know that one of my friends named Krista did a post called MY STORY! It was about her life so I decided to write a post about my story. HERE GOES!

I was born January 15, 2002. Born in Scarborough, Ontario. Lived in an apartment until I was seven years old. Filled with mice and bugs, me and my sister would jump from couch to couch screaming. I was born 9:43 am. Every year at that time, I looked at the clock and wish for something. It was a tradition. When I turned 11, my friends literally screamed Happy Birthday and hugged me at school. It was never better.

In 2007, when I was five, I went to Sri Lanka, England and Germany. We went to see my grandpa who soon passed away after we left. It was a good thing we went for otherwise, I would have never met him. Even, my mom told me that he was a policeman and he could speak more English than I would ever speak. On the way to Sri Lanka we went to England, there we stayed at my aunts. Coming back from Sri Lanka, we went to Germany and stayed at my uncles. I never knew this, but when I was nine months old, I went to England for my aunt`s wedding.

Back to the apartment story, well when I was seven we moved to Markham on Halloween. It was really cool. I finally lived in a house. I even got my own bedroom. The house was pretty big and I still live here in the same house. It`s been five years! I was in grade 2 at that time. My friends would change from time to time and I would miss my old friends who were like gold to me. When I finally got to grade four, I was used to my new school and it was the best time of my life. Grade 4 was like my last year as a kid.

Grade 5 was so tiring and exhausting. There was a little bit more homework and too much drama to deal with. My head would have exploded if my family never kept me going! Now I am in grade six with the best friends ever. My last year friend Christine still talks to me and we are still the same, pushing each other! My other friend, Mahnoor lost my connection with me. She definitely changed. I have Krista to be grateful for as always. This year, though, I have three extra special friends, Susan, Jenifer and Ashleen. They make me so happy. Ashleen and me are so weird and crazy together. Jenifer and me have this special touch. Susan understands me like no one else. Some other people to thank for my gratefulness is Adey and Maathurya. Adey is really funny and she is always cheering me up. Maathurya has been my friend for a year now..she is pretty wise, I must say and I think I would have made a lot of mistakes if it wasn`t for her. Last but not least, Abi, my awesome sister who has been with me through this whole experience. I could have all the fun if she were around all the time.

My life is pretty awesome and I just got some awesome news that I will reveal in December 2014. Sorry for the long wait. Stay tuned for the update!