Hey everyone! It`s Adshayah. You obviously know that I live life to the fullest and my favorite, most meaningful word is Inspiration. The world is full of inspiration and everything is awesome. But as I am growing taller and wiser, I have a feeling. The feeling to do something awesome. So I need your help on this amazing voyage to start, because the thing is I want to know how I can make my mark.


Here are all the things I plan on doing to make my mark:

  1. Write a book and inspire people through it
  2.  Study medicine when I grow older and contribute to the world of medicine.
  3. Take photography to a whole new level along with my love of keyboard

That`s all for now. The list will eventually grow and as it does I will definitely update it.  The thing is I need you help to decide what I will do this year to make a difference or make my mark… As I have said before, you only live once and that’s why it’s important to make your mark. Making your mark means doing something that everyone will remember you with. Making your mark is sort of like a memory and something good to go by your name when people look back at who you were. Making your mark is important because when people in the future hear your name, your mark will be remembered. SO DO THAT AMAZING THING NOW. Please comment and give me your ideas. EVEN YOU, MAATHURYA!