Guest Bloggers Posts is when a Guest Blogger posts on Adshayah’s Blog. Today, I am pleased to announce Aiming to be Green, an eco-friendly blog. Aiming to be Green was created by a mum and eco-warrier. “Trying to save the planet, making one green change at a time. We only have one Earth!” is her motto. Be sure to read her blog after reading this post.

Well I’m not really THAT old but I’m certainly much older than Adshayah who I have had the pleasure to ‘meet’ through blogging. We both took part in a blogging course and I love her tagline of ‘Striving Forward, Living Peacefully, while Inspiring Love’. I usually blog at ‘Aiming to be Green‘ and try to also write with that Philosophy.

My big passion is the environment and trying to protect it for future generations to enjoy like we can.

There is so much about our world and our Earth that is worth protecting and there is so much that every single person could do to help do that protection. Some of the things aren’t huge expensive drastic measures, most of the things that would make a big difference are very small changes we could all make without really even noticing.




Einstein once said

Einstein quote If the bee disappeared off the surface of the globe then man would only have four years of life left. No more bees, no more pollination, no more plants, no more animals, no more man.

Bees have a vital role in our food production, without them we struggle to fertilise crops meaning no food. This is what Einstein warned us about.

Sadly though, bumblebees have been declining because of changes in agricultural practises that have largely removed flowers from the landscape, leaving the bumblebees with little to feed upon. Recently deadly mites have added to the problem wiping out entire hives. This only means one thing: a decrease in the number of bees to pollinate our crops which could lead to food shortages the world over.


What can we do?

There are lots of simple changes we can do to help support bees and hopefully help the numbers increase again.

  • Support local beekeepers – buy honey from them, it’s far tastier than anything in a supermarket and can help with allergies.
  • Plant bee-friendly flowers in gardens and schools.
  • Spread the word about bees, educate others and help people understand why they are decreasing.
  • Make bee shelters like this one, just using canes.
  • Don’t use insectides in your garden

Remember, by protecting the bees, we are not only saving a wonderful creature but we’re also protecting our food sources for the future!