Today me and my class went on a trip to the Public Works Facility in Stouffville. It is a very big building in which people work in to make Markham better and control the traffic, waste management, police and all the services like cleaning the snow on the roads. It was a very cool trip. At first, we went to the area where they make the police cars, well, police cars. First they buy a regular white car or SUV, Next, they paint it the colours and put on the logo. Then, they insert the computer and cage for the doors and all the locks. After, they make sure there are bars between the back seat passengers and the police in the front. It is a very cool process. We also found out that they have cameras at every big intersection, there is a room just for it! The reason they have cameras is because they will know where all the big accidents happen and where the traffic is. We also looked at the big trucks that clean the roads when it’s snowing in the winter. They are very cool! Below are some pics, check them out!