She noticed things others wouldn’t notice. She didn’t believe in the flight of imagination, the fantasy world. She believed in reality. Evidence, logic and proof were everything she looked for. She hardly watched television or played games that involved fortune-telling or ropes. As you can see, she was very practical, never unrealistic. She didn’t stand out, but she didn’t blend in, she was in the middle class. She was an expert at all things disastrous.

She’s the heroine, her name was Avery. According to the French, her name means ruling with elf-wisdom, which might explain one of her biggest characteristics, her pointy ears, which she didn’t mind having. She was never self-conscious. From the outside, she looked like a typical twelve year old with her coiled red hair, showing the slightest hint of ginger and her eyes, the colour brown, engaging others in her thoughts. She was tall, athletic, and bound.

She loved to read, usually she would read the newspapers to keep herself updated, but time to time, she would take a break. She would sit down in her snug and comfy rocking chair just to open up a fantasy novel. She always cherished the books she had, the memories she made, she was grateful. Even now growing up, she still reads for entertainment, reading always made a  turn in her life. She was independent, she hid her thoughts. The newspapers she read, something was always happening. It was either the latest tsunami in Japan, or the hurricane in the USA.

Using my evidence, it may sound like Avery leads a very exciting life but really the truth is she has never even been on an adventure until this story begins. Where she lives, nothing really ever happens despite the occasional practice fire drill or lockdown. Never was there an earthquake that was strong enough to break a piece of glass. Avery wasn’t a big deal maker, she never really cared if anything happened or not, her life went on. If there was one thing she wanted, it was for people to believe in her predictions. She was a free spirit. She was an adventurer.