So far my life in 2014 is going pretty good. Everything is working out well and even those bad things are turning out right. There are a couple of things I wish would be different(,not telling anybody. NOT EVEN YOU) but I am happy the way things are now. Many accomplishment have been made and I am really happy about that. For some reason, I have this feeling that 2014 is going to turn out just right. Already, half a year is gone. Time really does fly! I hope things are working out for you!

In January, I wrote out my new goal, set out my recipe for life, told you about the tough routes in life, the legacy of Martin Luther King Jr, taught you about the magic of wishes, reminded you to believe in yourself and even told you about how fast luck changes.

In February, I told you about the power of Steve Jobs, reported on the Olympic Opening Ceremony, introduced you to, gave you ride to Planet Technology, explained to you what Family Day and Valentines Day was all about, and did a segment about how reality can become a nightmare.

In March, I spoke out on why Zoos shouldn’t exist, gave you a lesson on emoticons, made you smile by telling you about the hit song HAPPY, did a DNA Analysis on myself, introduced you to my terrific trio AJA, and even gave you the story of my life.

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In April, I started it off by telling you about the Blue Jays opening weekend, canadian spirit, gave you a sequel to Make Your Mark, showed off the chinese proverb collection I found, told you about the ROM trip I took, and let you wish me luck on my spelling bee.

In May, I summarized myself in weaknesses and strengths, guided you through my trip to the Public Works Facility, got 100 followers, gave a tribute to Maya Angelou: A SENSATION, and even got my first guest post by Aiming to be Green about beeing bee-friendly.

In June, I featured two guest blog posts, by Montairyus and and PhD Writing Services, featured my friends in an inner animal tarot card, wished dads a happy father’s say , found out the secrets to believing, brought you back to PEACE OUT! SCHOOL’S OUT! #2!

This summer, I will try and post everyday! I hope everyone has a good summer. This summer for me is all about making a difference and creativity. Just wait till my next post.

*I included abstract art because it’s a very unique and creative touch.