My Grandmother passed away July 6th 2014 at 1 am. At that time, she was in the hospital and she had undergone a surgery on July 3rd. She was a lovely woman who raised five children with my late grandfather. It was really sad to hear this and find out but in the end, we all know it happens. My whole family is devastated as it was very unexpected. Her funeral is going to be held today in Siruppidy, Sri Lanka. This whole weekend has been nothing but tears and sadness for my family. My dad has left to Sri Lanka as he has to attend the funeral for his own mother and finish some unfinished business. 

I didn’t really know her that well, but I have met her. I know that my dad wouldn’t be the awesome person he is today without the help of his mom (my grandmother). She is such a sweet person and though she is an elder, she is wise. I LOVE YOU GRANDMA!