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Many young people cannot imagine that they will one day be old and frail. They take too much for granted. We don’t have to wait to be in our forties for us to take complete control of how we live our lives.

Healthy living definitely does not mean starvation. Neither does it mean that we stop eating the things that we like. It means everything in moderation. Having a good balanced meal with the main food groups included. A healthy breakfast with whole grain bread or cereal is a good way to start your day. Not only does it feel you up but it gives you the needed energy and fibre that your body needs. Proteins are another type of food that we ignore. We are all quick to point out that meat is bad but the protein that is found in meat can help! It is true that there are people who have chosen to go the vegetarian way and we respect their decision. They also need to know where they can get their daily source of protein. Daily intake of milk can provide the needed protein, and so will soya. Plenty of veggies and fruits are a must for one to have a healthy lifestyle. Another unsung hero of healthy living is water. 8 glasses a day can seem like a lot but after consuming the 8 glasses, one feels a big change from their skin and digestion.

That seems like a lot to remember, right? I haven’t even mentioned exercise. You do need exercise. Well, not a gym membership but any moderate activity that keeps your heart pumping will do. Take the dog for a walk and if you do not have one, take yourself out for a walk. You cannot believe the amount of weight some people have kept off by just having a simple form of exercise added to their daily routine. Try taking a walk in the park. Go to the local swimming pool, pick up a sport that will keep you active. Such changes will go a long way to keep you looking good and even you may pick up a few good new friends along the way.

Getting adequate rest is something that we shouldn’t take for granted either. We could eat all the right foods and get all the exercise in the world but without proper rest, it all amounts to nothing. Proper rest translates to 8 hours of sleep each night. Sleep has been known as a key component in memory aid. When you sleep, what you have learned, seen or heard during the day is now implanted in your memory. So if you think staying up late studying for your exams is helping, try sleeping so that the next day all that you have learned will be easier to remember.

Proper rest, diet and exercise have some unseen benefits too. Heard about cholesterol? We need cholesterol as it is component to many of our bodily functions. The body makes the cholesterol it needs but through what we eat, we can introduce it to our bodies. It becomes a problem when it is found in high quantities and it leads to a cholesterol build up in your arteries leading to a greater chance of heart disease. The problem with this condition is that it is not too obvious so that people who suffer from it may not even know that they have a looming health issue. To be on the safe side, change your diet as soon as you can and start living healthy. Your body will greatly benefit from it.

A healthy life style saves you money too. True, it may cost a person more money when they go out to but organic foods but in the long run, it saves money in less doctor’s trips and any income lost due to missing work due to illness.

Just imagine the pride you will feel when you realise that you are now in your eighties but your body still works relatively well for your age! Make the needed changes now in order to enjoy the greater benefits in the future because as sure as the sun rises; you will not be young forever.