1. I don`t believe in ghosts. 

  2. I get more mosquito bites than anybody I`ve ever met. 😦

  3. I don`t have a favorite movie, because there are too many good movies out there. 

  4. I love crazy people. They`re just so fun to be around. ❗

  5. I`m not allergic to anything, other than grass pollen. 

  6. Once, I dipped my paintbrush in my sister`s water, and then she drank it. XD

  7. I don`t know how to rollerblade and I probably never will.

  8. I don`t know how skateboard but I promise myself that I will learn.

9.Whenever I think about something, I stare at a person without blinking so it looks creepy.

  1. I have never sweared in my life, except into my pillow with the door closed. 😮

  2. Im a butterfly when it comes to spicy foods, I cant eat it. 

  3. I have never worn the colour yellow in my entire life, unless it`s part of a design, or my shirt is rainbow. 

  4. I cannot eat celery without eating something sweet after it. 

  5. Every time my relatives see me, they always say,You have grown taller.

  6. In my entire life, I have only had one sip of coffee and tea.

  7. I have never ate a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. o_O

  8. My favourite colours are lavender and blue. 

  9. My favourite season is fall. 

  10. I can`t jump as high as I used to. 

  11. I am amazing at Candy Crush, I am addicted to that game. 😎

  12. My stomach feels weird if I eat any sort of nuts. 

  13. When I was younger, I was scared that their was a monster in my closet, so I always slept the other side. 

  14. I love chocolate, I could eat loads and loads of it, and I don`t think I would have a sugar rush!

  15. If I am mad about something, I will scream a lot. I`m not fun to be around. 😳

  16. One of my hidden passions is photography, I love how the world is so beautiful. ⭐

  17. I love to listen to music, but I eventually get tired of my favourite song, so I have to change it. 

  18. I am scared of insects, I can`t stand the sight of them near me. 

  19. I love to watch the FIFA, when the whole world comes together for soccer or football. :mrgreen:

  20. When I was younger, I was a fairy for three halloweens in a row. 🙄

  21. Whenever I didnt hear something, I always ask what they said and they always go nevermind. Its so annoying! 

  22. I was born at 9:44 am, so I was a morning baby.

  23. I always wake up early and go to bed late, even during summer vacation. o_O

  24. I have never been stung by a bee, to my knowledge! :mrgreen:

  25. I fail in the whole leg department. 


  27. I have been hit on the head with so many basketballs, tennis balls and soccer balls, that it doesn`t even hurt anymore.