Everyday is a fresh, new beginning. Like my best friend Maathurya says,” Everyday is a second chance.” Bad things happen and people make mistakes but we have to learn to forget about the past and focus on the good. Leaving the past behind reduces stress and being emotionally down. It’s a great way to avoid unnecessary arguments and physically hurting someone. When I say leave the past behind, I don’t mean forget about all the good memories and those moments that you treasure, I mean forget about the bad things that happened in your past. “What doesn’t kill you makes me stronger,” they say. This is an awesome quote. There are going to be times when you fall down, but you have to stand right back up. People change. I have changed, and you probably have too in the last couple of years, but do what’s right. Otherwise, in the end, everyone’s going to be hurt including you, so leave the past behind. Focus on the future instead.