Today is Christine’s Birthday, she has officially turned 12 years old. Christine is my writing partner. Without her, I wouldn’t have gone this far. She and me work together to write and lead a writing club together at school. She is a perfectionist and likes to do things great and take her time. She loves gymnastics and has been doing it for three years. She has one younger sister who is a big bookworm and loves to read. Christine also loves to read and thinks that reading is an awesome hobby. She loves to do hair just like Krista. She likes to draw sometimes and she has really good artistic sense. She is an awesome writer who is nice, talented and inspiring. Christine always always encourages me, and gives me power and strength. Together our writing is so strong. When me and Christine talk about writing, no one else is in sight….it’s as if we’re the only ones in the world, like she says. She is the BEST writing partner I’ve ever had and no one will replace her on that.

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