Spotify is the best online digital music service. It is a music streaming service that gives you access to over 20 million songs. Since Spotify isn’t available in Canada yet, when you visit the Spotify website, they will ask you for your email address and within two weeks, you will get a special code to register for Spotify.

There are many features of using Spotify. You can get any track you want on Spotify, as if it’s a CD. You can even create playlists, which lets you create a group of your favorite tracks from various artists and albums. Spotify is also an app for your computer, Apple, Android, and Windows, which means you can listen to music from any of your devices. When you hear something exciting and new, your friends are usually the first people you tell. You can actively share links, or you can publish your playlists to your public Spotify profile. You can even listen to Spotify tracks from Facebook, as long as you have Spotify open on your computer. There is even a Top List, that shows what the top hits in Canada are, what the top hits everywhere are and what the top hits for you are. For every mood AND genre you’re in, there’s a playlist. Spotify is amazing, and I recommend you use it.