Menchies is a frozen yogurt and ice cream shop. Think of it as your self-serve frozen yogurt bar that allows you to personalize and get creative with your ice-cream. The fro-yo is charged by weight so don`t put too much, or else it will cost more. Menchie’s Frozen Yogurt is one of the few that offers samplings. There are little mini paper cups on the counter so you can sample every flavour before you add it to your fro-yo. 

There are instructions too: Choose your size of cup, followed by the type of yogurt flavor of your choice, or if you cannot choose, you have the option to mix and ombine flavors with one another.  
Once completed there is a condiments section.  Here’s where you can add some creativity to your personalized fro-yo.  From colorful sprinkles, and gummy bears  to various types of chocolates, cookie crumbles, and syrups.

 You havent lived until you have gone to Menchies! Its certainly an amazing experience. It`s a place everyone loves to hang out and chillax!