The day before school starts, everyone gets the first day jitters. When we get that feeling of excitement and nervousness, mixed with a bit of fear. Today, I felt that, I wanted everything to be perfect, well not perfect, but you get the idea. I am really nervous about the first day of school, but at the same time excited. That’s what I keep thinking. I’m sure every student worries and excites about that moment of first standing in front of the class. Who will be in my class? Will I have fun? Do I have a good teacher? What if I end up with her? A whole new year with a whole new start.

Usually, in the first week, you get to see who your different teachers are, you play a couple of get to know you games and you get used to the rules. How am I preparing for that first day of school? Well, I have been packing my bag with all the supplies I need using my list. I have even picked out what I am going to wear. I looked through my whole curriculum to get my memory refreshed, and even gained more knowledge about the subjects I take. Every year, I write in my journal about what happens and how I felt. 

“It was pouring so hard today, and to make it worse than it sounds, I was in a portable. I am really starting to wonder what grade five will be like,” recalled my fifth grade journal. 


Hopefully, this year turns out to be a great one, one where I will discover more, and learn more about this magnificent place we live in called Earth.