As I set foot into the school,

I took in the cold, fresh air.

The new tingly feeling hit me hard,

as I glanced at the faces of the old and new.

It was true.

Wismer had this significant scent,

not to be described.

Whether you were new to it or not,

it felt like home.

Warm and fuzzy all right,

New beginnings are tough,

but to judge the feelings on what type of year you’ll have,

is hard to do…

so start new!

Welcome back, everyone! Summer was a comforting two months, but now it’s time to get back on your feet. Yes, learn lots, make new friends and discover yourself once again! Hopefully, you have taken some time to say hello to your returning, heart-warming principal and your new, friendly vice principal. This year, as usual, all the student and staff are eager to be back at a place where everyone is so supportive of one another, and reunite with the familiar people in our lives. We, as grade 7s now, are very excited and can’t wait to learn.

For those of you who are new, we have a bit of advice. Keep your toes on the ground, but also take the time to fly in the sky! Join the clubs, teams and extracurriculars. Go to events, because those little moments are the memories that you will treasure. Have confidence and try new things, you never know where these experiences will take you. Take this year slow, embrace learning and new friendships. Just take in life, with its flow! We hope everyone loves the beginning so far, because the adventure has just begun!

~Adshayah S. and Maathurya S, 7th graders