The unwelcoming, chilly weather whispered to us as we strolled through the grounds, towards the Homecraft and General Exhibit Buildings. Today was the fourth and last day to go to the Markham Fair, Canada’s Largest Four-Day Fair.

Me and Jenifer were eager to cast an eye over the prize-winners of the art competitions. As we entered the building, the smell of handmade pies, and freshly baked cookies pervaded the air. We scanned the building until we found the “Art” sign. We scampered towards the area, in excitement. The masterpieces were all positioned in an orderly fashion with a ribbon indicating its ranking. Pointing out the ones we liked best, we understood the beauty of them all. They were first class, a story behind each of them, all unique and different. We glanced around some more. THEN WE SAW IT, Priya’s majestic artwork, which won 1st place! Me and Jenifer shrieked in happiness, pointing at the canvas,” OH MY GOSH! That’s Priya’s artwork.” We were so happy for her, she was one of our best friends after all. As soon as we calmed down, we realized our school’s artwork wasn’t here, so we wandered around looking for someone to ask. Finally, we got some guidance from one of the volunteers, who informed us that it was in the next building. Me and Jenifer decided that we would go there after we checked out the gingerbread houses. When we got to the next building, it was awe-inspiring. Wismer had recieved so many ribbons, for a variety of different categories. The artwork was so vibrant, and breath-taking, it was so inspiring that I decided I would work hard next year to enter. I told Jenifer what I had decided, and she agreed happily concluding,”We should work on a mural together too.” Soon enough, we realized that we should get back to Joel’s(Jenifer’s brother’s) Spelling Bee, as Joel was participating in it. That was the end of our exhibit tour, but there was more to come.