Merry Christmas Eve, tomorrow is Christmas. Hope everyone is celebrating with loved ones and family, because it is that time of year again. Ho ho ho, Santa will even be coming tonight. We all get gifts, and I am pretty sure we are all excited for that. On this evening, also remember to eat  lot of food, because I know for one, that food brings me joy. The smell, when it pervades the air, brings me floating towards the dining table, yet its all about the presentation of delicacy and savoring the flavour. If you are planning to spend Christmas alone, or do not have plans tonight, there is still a lot to do. Get snuggly, comfy and while you are at it, catch up on your reading list or watch some Netflix movies that you haven’t had the time to snag a look at yet. Enjoy your festivities, and Happy Christmas Eve.

Merry Christmas Eve 02