1. Clean out your room/Declutter: Get rid of year’s books/notes, the clothes that no longer fit, clear the junk drawer. When you wake up on January 1st, you will be set to conquer 2015.

2. Make Resolutions: Your resolutions pave the pathway for a prosperous and successful New Year. Making resolutions is the best and the most inspiring way in which you can bring about changes in your life.

3. Work on unfinished projects: Let the New Year be a new beginning for you, a chance to start fresh. Get working and finish off anything that you left hanging this year.

4. Write a letter to yourself: Address it to YOURSELF on January 1st, 2016 reminding yourself of your goals and dreams for this year. Seal the envelope and open it next year.

5. Practice Gratitude: Remember all the things that you’re grateful for. There are likely a number of people who dream of a life like yours.

6. Get outside: Bundle up in your warmest clothes and open the door to the environment. Take a brisk walk or jog outdoors and just appreciate the last day of 2014 in nature.

7. Give: There’s nothing better than giving to others. End the year with a good deed, perhaps by starting a new holiday tradition of giving. Volunteer at a soup kitchen, Bake for the homeless, lend time to local charities, spend an afternoon in an elderly home, bring TOYS to the nearest Children’s Hospital, and give a compliment to someone.

8. Jam out: There were many trending songs this year, and music can definitely boost your mood. Put it all in a playlist so you can jam our and create musical moments.