I used to do a lot of those friendship tags, but recently there hasn’t been much of these, so I have decided to do one. You may be thinking,”You already did Christine.” but this is another Christine, her last name starts with W, so let’s call her Christine W (even though I call her Christine). Christine has actually been my friend since grade 4, but recently, this year in Grade 7, me and her have gotten closer, and can I just tell you how awesome she is? She’s such a positive person, and is always smiling and so happy. I am not even kidding right now, totally serious. Krista, my other bestie even said,”I think Christine probably laughs an hour a day.” She’s my new bae also, and for some weird coinkydink, me and her mostly end up in the same group for almost everything. From table groups, to gym squads. She’s really trustworthy. and did I mention how positive she is? She’s really empathetic, and loves to have fun. Me and her both strive for good grades (as if everybody else doesn’t!) She’s really friendly too, and includes everyone. I love Christine, she’s my new bae, so don’t you dare make her your bae.