So, today is my birthday, and of course I was excited. BIRTHDAYS ARE THE ONE DAY EVERYONE CELEBRATES YOU! There’s no other day in the book for that. As soon as I spotted Jenifer and Ashleen, they ran up to me and hugged me wishing me. At school, we had an activity day. We got the option of going skiing, skating or bowling, me and my friends chose bowling. We went on a school bus to the Markham Lanes, and of course, I was excited. I had never gone bowling before. We went inside the alley, and I was instantly amazed. There were a number of lanes, and huge TV’s were placed above the lanes to keep track of how many pins we knocked over. There were also other TV’s that just played music videos of songs we liked. IT WAS SO COOL, and it was all glow in the dark. We grabbed our bowling shoes, and started playing. 25 rounds later, we decided to buy some snacks, we ordered some poutine and nachos with cheese sauce. MMM, yummy in my tummy. Soon, it was lunch. I had pre-ordered pizza and a soda drink, and we went to the lunchroom. Me, Jenifer and Ashleen all ate with Seth. Then, I was in for a surprise. The teachers supervising us, including Ms. Jones, a favourite teacher of mines, asked everyone to sing ‘Happy Birthday.’ The spotlight was on me, and I felt awkward…..then, she said that she wants everyone to sign a t-shirt that read,’Markham Lanes’ on it. I was touched by the kind gesture. We went back to bowling, but soon it was time to go back to school. We watched ‘Frozen’ until the bell rang. After school, I texted my classmates. Now we’re leaving to eat at the Host, an indian cuisine. I am so excited, plus I cannot wait till my birthday party this Saturday. Another year to experience 😉