This Wednesday, February 25th, take a stand against bullying and wear a pink shirt day to honour National Pink Shirt Day. The story behind the pink shirt is that a grade 9 boy wore a pink shirt on his first day of school, and got bullied. Two students in grade 12 decided enough was enough and bought 50 pink shirts. They emailed everyone they knew to wear pink the next day to stand up for the grade 9 student. The next day, hundreds of students showed up wearing pink. The grade 9 student walked in a smile, surprised but happy. He knew that those bullies would soon stop, and that he was not alone. The pink shirt has now become a symbol against bullying. February 25th is a day we come together, creating a sea of pink. So this Wednesday, wear a pink shirt and remind others to be better people and create a more safer, friendlier community. Change starts with one shirt, one person, one school and one community.