So today, my class went on a trip to a historic site, Fort York, which is located in Downtown Toronto, near the CN Tower, and the Air Canada Centre. First, we met our tour guide and watched a video all about why Fort York is so important to the history of Toronto. Fort York is Canada’s largest collection of the original War of 1812 buildings and the 1813 battlesite. Then, we went to the cabin in which all the soldiers slept. With only 8 bunkbeds, 32 soldiers slept in one cabin. It was shocking to learn that, because I can’t even share a room with my sister, let alone 32 strangers. We got to try on the uniform, and it was actually really heavy. Next, we went to the place where the soldiers lived, the soldiers got three rooms all to theirselves. WHAT PRIVILEGES THEY HAD. Soon after that, we got to go to the kitchen and look at how they cooked their food back then, and what their specialties were. That was one of my favourite parts, since I am a food addict. On the menu, the only thing I would have actually ate for the main course was cauliflower and Parmesan cheese, because all the other options were body parts of animals. EEYUCK! Then, we went to the basement, and looked at the wine cellar. We got to walk in, even though it was really dark and small. It turns out that in history, they eventually turned the wine cellar into a money vault, since soldiers began to doubt banks. Soon, we went to the Canteen Museum Store a.k.a. The Gift Shop. There were some really fascinating books, and expensive items using animals. After, we went to the building, explaining all about the weapons that soldiers used and how they attacked during the war. It was so interesting, and we did a fun scavenger hunt. We had to find a bayonet, a musket ball and a green coat, which I wasn’t first to find. Last but not least, we got to do a practice drill using the wood muskets, the fake ones. We charged at each other, and soon we were all out of breath. Finally, it was time to go back to school, me and all my friends sang opera, so we decided to start a singing group called Metal Soap. I also made some new friends, Rohana and Ashwinee. I enjoyed the day, learning about the history of the War of 1812. It made me realize how different Canada would be if it wasn’t for the War of 1812.