1. Dream summer vacation?
    Let’s see…anywhere in Europe. Sightseeing there would be magnificent and delicious food is always something I need, whether it’s gelato in Italy or the chocolate in Switzerland.
  2. Favourite summertime drink?
    Either lemonade, which is the classic, or the creamy chocolate chill from TIMMIES!
  3. S’mores or Ice cream?
    I really can’t pick. S’mores ice cream, maybe? Is that even a thing?
  4. Would you rather spend a summer day outside at the pool or inside watching Netflix?
    Even though this sounds shallow, Netflix, unless it’s at the pool with my friends.
  5. Most fun summer memory?
    When our cousins held a bbq on Canada Day, and invited the majority of our relatives. We even set off fireworks at dusk.
  6. Fave summer nail polish?
    A pastel colour, perhaps, or any shade of pink.
  7. Sunglasses or a hat?
    Sunglasses for sure.
  8. Fave summer scent?
    I’m actually not sure, are there summer scents? Most people say pina colada smells good…
  9. Fave bbq food?
  10. Bikinis or one pieces?
    One pieces, I’m not up for the exposure with a bikini.
  11. Summertime book recommendations?
    Paper Towns by John Green
  12. Fave summer song?
    Dirty Work by Austin Mahone
  13. Hobbies to keep up during the summer?
    Reading, writing, blogging, photography
  14. Daily activities in the summer?
    GOING TO THE PARK WITH ALL MY FRIENDS, using too much technology, and hanging out with my baby brother.
  15. Plans for the summer?
    Well, I’m going to the mall with Jen and Ravanya, Blue Mountain Resort overnight stay, Canada’s Wonderland with Pri Pri. My awesome uncle’s coming from London, so we’re taking him to Niagara Falls, the CN Tower, and showing him around downtown. Otherwise, everything’s the usual.

THAT’S MY SUMMERTIME TAG! Hope y’all are having a great summer and make the most of it.